Brand new website, brand new blog

Hello Writers!

I’m so happy to finally be writing this post. Back in January, I was busily working away on the website, getting ready for the grand launch in March, but the world had other plans. Covid struck, lockdown began and my three daughters were suddenly home 24/7. Instead of website launching, I, like so many parents, became a full-time dinner-lady and teaching assistant. And the website went on hold … until now.

And here it is, at last! To celebrate, I’m going to be on Twitter (@JennyBromham) during the first two weeks of September, offering lots of deals to help all of you impressive writers who actually managed to keep the inspiration and the words flowing during lockdown. Whether you have a full manuscript, the first 50 pages, or even a great idea that you’d like support to develop, I’ll be posting offers to help you.

See you on Twitter, or head straight to my contact page if you’re ready to make a start straight away. Let’s make your stories soar.

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