Down with the Resolution!

New year, new writing resolutions. For many writers, the two usually go hand in hand, but with so many aspects of our lives beyond our control at the moment, maybe this year we need something other than resolution…

Last year, I had huge resolutions and ambitions: setting up Uplift Editorial, establishing a life between the UK and Spain, finishing my own novel, helping as many writers as time permitted to develop their WIPs. However, homeschooling my three daughters filled much of the time from March to July, and then a long chain of illnesses kept at least one of them at home from August to December. I touched on each of my resolutions, but time was stretched too thinly to do anything more. I’ve got to admit, New Year’s Eve felt poignant. Phew, 2020 was over …

And now 2021 is here. So far, it has come with a fresh surge of unpredictability (beyond Covid). I’m in Madrid at the moment. Instead of the mild winter I was expecting, I woke two days ago to find myself snowed in! The whole city has ground to a halt. Once again, my daughters are home learning. And to top it off, somehow, after a month of seeing no one except the family that I live with, I’ve managed to get nits! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE??!! (Any home remedies would be much appreciated because the roads are blocked, and the chemists are closed!)

The lesson I’m taking from this – between regular head-scratches – is to focus on flexibility, this year.

Yes, I’m still holding onto my ambitions and my dreams: I’m still going to polish my novel, I’m still going to commit to supporting as many fellow writers as time permits through my editing services, but apart from that, I’m keeping my targets flexible. On the writing front, I’m going to try my hand at a few short stories or maybe some micro-fiction – fun mini-projects that can weave in and out of whatever else 2021 might have in store. On the editing front, I’ve just added an Uplift Mini-Critique service to my list of services, so I can fit more writers into my schedule.

New Year, new writing flexibility: I think that’s the way forward for 2021. Tier systems, lockdowns, snow-ins and nits won’t stop our stories from flowing!

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