Privacy Policy

This policy describes how I protect and make use of the information you give me.

Why do I collect data from you?

  • to respond to your requests for information
  • to allow me to contact you during an ongoing editorial service
  • to enable certain functions on the Uplift Editorial website

What data do I collect from you?

  • your name
  • your contact postal address
  • your email address
  • information related to your enquiry (pre-project questionnaire)

My website also uses cookies – enabling the website to identify your computer as you view its pages.

How do I use this data?

  • for internal accounting processes to ensure compliance with my tax authority
  • to contact you in response to your enquiry
  • to record your agreement to the Terms and Conditions for my editorial services

I will never use this information for marketing or promotional purposes without getting your permission first.

How do I collect your personal data?

  • website contact form
  • email
  • pre-project questionnaire

I will never lease, distribute or sell your personal information unless required to do so by law.

How do I store your personal data?

  • Googlemail: this is a password-protected server used to communicate by email
  • Dropbox: this is a cloud-based file management system accessed via my password protected computer
  • Onedrive: this is a cloud-based file management system accessed via my password protected computer
  • PayPal: this is a password-protected on-line payment system

How long do I keep your data for?

A minimum of 5 years due to tax requirements.

If you would like me to amend or delete your details, please let me know. I will do so, as long as I am complying with tax record requirements.

With whom will I share your data?

No one, unless you have requested that I do so in writing, or if my business is audited by the tax authority.

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