Uplift Full Manuscript Critique

A Full Manuscript Critique is an in-depth 10- to 15-page report, designed to appraise and elevate your novel. Using the insights shared in your pre-project questionnaire, the critique is tailored to your ambitions, your concerns and your vision for your novel. It identifies strengths as well as areas to be developed, such as:

  • structure
  • plot
  • characters
  • point of view
  • pacing
  • show and tell
  • dialogue
  • voice
  • theme

Most importantly, the critique offers next-step guidance, ranging from suggestions to delete or restructure, to strategies to enhance and refine. All guidance is presented with a clear explanation of the theory behind it to inform your subsequent revisions as you elevate your book.

After you have received your Full Manuscript Critique, I am still here to support you with one follow-up email should you have any outstanding queries. Your follow-up email should be sent within one month of receipt of your critique.

Wow … just wow! I am absolutely blown away, in the best possible way, by your critique. I feel that you absolutely GOT the book and the heart of the story and the characters, and your insight and ideas on what they both need to express internally I feel will really elevate the book and make it more grounded. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I will definitely be implementing all of your ideas. Once I’ve improved the manuscript thanks to your incredible critique, I ‘ll start querying agents!

Katrina, YA Rom-com author

Is an Uplift Full Manuscript Critique the right service for you?

There are several steps that you can work through to develop your manuscript without an editor. Skipping any of these steps could mean that you’re paying for advice that you might have otherwise worked out yourself, or with the support of a beta reader. Before investing in a full manuscript critique, I recommend that you:

1) Write the first full draft

2) Take a break from your manuscript for a couple of weeks (at least!)

3) Reread with fresh, critical eyes (and make notes)

4) Write the second draft

5) Send to beta readers for feedback (if you don’t feel ready, revise a third time before the beta stage)

6) Use beta reader feedback to write the next draft

By this point, your manuscript might be in great shape and ready for you to send to agents/ enter competitions/ invest in line- and copy-editing.

However, you might feel that there are areas in your manuscript that still aren’t working, and you’re unsure how to identify and resolve them.

Now the Uplift Full Manuscript Critique is the right service for you.

I’m ready for an Uplift Full Manuscript Critique. What next?

1) Check out the price list.



Up to 60,000 words £300

Up to 70,000 words £350

Up to 80,000 words £400

Up to 90,000 words £450

Up to 100,000 words £500


2) Fill in the form using the link below and I’ll send you a pre-project questionnaire along with a request for a writing sample.

3) Upon receiving your completed questionnaire and sample, I’ll assess if I’m a good creative fit to support you in elevating your novel. If the fit is right, I’ll offer a start date and completion date for the project. I’ll also request your full manuscript and attach an invoice for 50% of the service cost.

4) Your project slot will be booked upon receipt of the 50% payment along with your full manuscript.

5) When your Full Manuscript Critique is complete, I’ll send you a notification email along with the final invoice. I’ll send your critique to you upon receipt of payment.

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