Uplift Mini Critique

The Mini Critique is an appraisal of the all-important first 10 pages (double spaced, font-size 12) of your manuscript, and your 1-page synopsis. It is a 2– to 5-page document, which will support you to enhance the opening of your novel. The report also reflects on the overall structure of your story, based on your synopsis.

The opening 10 pages of your novel must hook the reader. They must inspire empathy and intrigue, establish tone and voice, whilst also presenting initial clues to indicate what kind of journey the reader is about to share with the protagonist(s). The Mini Critique will help you to create this immediate engagement, offering strategies and explanations of the craft-theory behind them. The Mini Critique will also analyse the effectiveness of your synopsis, ensuring that it conveys a well-structured story, alongside the external and internal journeys of your protagonist(s).

After you have received your Mini Critique, I am still here to support you with one follow-up email should you have any outstanding queries. Your follow-up email should be sent within two weeks of receipt of your critique.

Jen is a phenomenal editor! I enlisted her help with my first ten pages and synopsis as I prepared to enter Pitchwars. I love that she’s very precise with her critique and she gives examples of what she means, which takes out the guessing for the author. Revising is made much easier with Jen’s style of critique. She knew that I had a deadline coming up so she squeezed me in and completed my critique in record time! This comes to show the passion Jen has for helping writers, and the level of professionalism she operates at. If you write YA or MG, give Jen a shout (even if you think your MS is perfect.) You’ll be surprised how Jen can make your MS shine even brighter.

Sophia, YA author

Is an Uplift Mini Critique the right service for you?

The opening pages of a book are often the most reworked/ redrafted section of any novel. Due to the complexity of the challenge to create tone, voice, introduce characters, world-build etc, the Mini Critique is useful for authors at all stages of manuscript development, with a particular appeal to authors who are:

1) Entering novel writing competitions or applying for courses/ mentorships

2) Querying literary agents or publishing houses

3) Receiving rejections based on their opening pages and synopsis.

If this sounds like you, and you need quick, cost-effective, specialist support, then the Uplift Mini Critique is the right service for you.


I’m ready for an Uplift Mini Critique. What next?

1) Check the price works for you

COST: £50

2) Fill in the form using the link below and I will send you an email to let you know when I can schedule your mini critique.

3) If the schedule works for you, you can send me your first 10 pages (font-size 12, double spaced) and your 1-page synopsis, along with an email listing your main concerns.

4) When your appraisal is ready, I will send you a notification email along with the invoice for full payment.

5) I will send your mini critique to you upon receipt of payment.

6) If you have any queries about your mini critique, you can send these through in one follow-up email within 2 weeks of receiving your report.


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