Uplift Partial Manuscript Report

The Partial Manuscript Report is an actionable evaluation of the first 50 pages (double-spaced, font-size 12) of your manuscript and your 1-page synopsis. It is a 5- to 10-page document, identifying strengths and areas for development, along with next-step strategies. The report also reflects on the overall structure of your plot, based on your synopsis.

At the start of the process, you will be asked to complete a pre-project questionnaire, highlighting your ambitions, concerns and vision for your novel. Your report will then be tailored according to this insight.

Whilst the Partial Manuscript Report only appraises the first 50 pages, all strategies suggested to elevate these pages will be supported by clear explanations of the theory behind them. As such, the report will give you a deepened understanding of why each aspect of your manuscript needs development and how to achieve it. This understanding, along with the analysis of your synopsis, will support you to develop the rest of your novel independently.

After you have received your Partial Manuscript Report, I am still here to support you with one follow-up email should you have any outstanding queries. Your follow-up email should be sent within one month of receipt of your report.

I was fortunate to win a partial manuscript review of my MG work in progress with Jenny. Little did I know how valuable my prize was. Jenny is meticulous with her eye for detail. The advice she gave me helped me to identify the strengths of my work and, more importantly, to address areas that needed attention. She showed real insight into my writing goals and all her advice was constructive. I can recommend her highly.

Jenny, MG author

Is an Uplift Partial Manuscript Report the right service for you?

The Partial Manuscript Report is most useful for writers at three very different stages of their novel-writing journeys:

1) Writers who have started to write their manuscript and want to check they are on the right track before writing more.

2) Writers who are at the querying stage, submitting to literary agents, and want to ensure that those first 50 pages and their synopsis are working effectively.

3) Writers who are looking for a cheaper alternative to a Full Manuscript Critique.

If one of these profiles sounds like you, the Uplift Partial Manuscript Report is the right service for you.


I’m ready for an Uplift Partial Manuscript Report. What next?

1) Check the price works for you.

COST: £120

2) Fill in the form using the link below and I’ll send you a pre-project questionnaire along with a request for a writing sample.

3) Upon receiving your completed questionnaire and sample, I’ll assess if I’m a good creative fit to support you in elevating your novel. If the fit is right, I’ll offer a start date for the project. I’ll also request your partial manuscript and your synopsis and I’ll attach an invoice for 50% of the service cost.

4) Your project slot will be booked upon receipt of the 50% payment along with your partial manuscript and synopsis.

5) When your Partial Manuscript Report is complete, I’ll send you a notification email along with the final invoice. I’ll send your report to you upon receipt of payment.

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