I’m a developmental editor who supports Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction writers to elevate their novels. I specialise in big picture editing.

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My ethos

Supporting writers to elevate their novels is a privilege and a joy. As a fellow writer, I understand the heart and soul that goes into writing a novel and the bravery needed to share it – however, working with an editor shouldn’t be frightening! My role is to support you. In every manuscript I read, I see the author’s journey so far – the weeks, months or years spent with the world of the story filling every waking thought, the moments of elation when the words flowed, and the moments of self-doubt when walls were hit. Every manuscript is a testament to this journey and a huge achievement in itself. Becoming part of this journey as an editor is an honour.

Am I the right editor for you?

Before becoming a developmental editor, I was a teacher and a writer. As such, I take great pride in offering a service that nurtures and develops each writer’s skills. My aim is not to simply offer quick-fix solutions, but rather to help writers to understand why aspects of their manuscript need to be developed, followed by actionable suggestions detailing how this could be achieved. Before taking on a critique project, I always ask authors to fill in a questionnaire to establish their current perceptions of their manuscript alongside their vision for its future. My editorial guidance is then tailored to elevate each manuscript towards the author’s unique goals.

“Thank you for taking the time to balance encouragement and improvements. You’ve done this brilliantly and I feel so energised and ready to tackle the next edit. You’ve also completely grasped what I was trying to achieve (even while identifying things to help me make those points more clearly) and the section at the start where you describe the overall plot and themes actually made me happy-cry a little bit!

I’d reached the point with this MS where I knew that a lot of these things needed fixing, but couldn’t see the way forward and I feel like you’ve just turned on the floodlights. It’s going to be so useful and I really can’t thank you enough.”

Lou, YA author

Qualifications and Training

  • PGCE with English specialism (University of Surrey – Roehampton)
  • Developmental Editing: In Practice (Liminal Pages/ CIEP)
  • The Foundations of Line and Copy-Editing Fiction (Liminal Pages/ CIEP)
  • Introduction to Proofreading (CIEP)
  • The Visible Editor (Liminal Pages)
  • Creative Writing A215 with Distinction (Open University)

Other Experience

  • I’m an award-winning writer of MG and YA fiction: I understand the passion and commitment that goes into writing a novel, and how brave you’re being to put your work out there
  • I have been represented by a literary agent: I know how to create a successful submission package that can catch an agent’s eye
  • I am a 2021 WriteMentor mentor for a YA and a MG writer. I was also lucky enough to be a 2019 WriteMentor mentee myself: I understand both sides of giving and receiving editorial support
  • I attend annual Literary Festivals and Writing Conventions to stay up to date with the industry
  • I am a 2021 judge for Coram Voices writing competition
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